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[January 09 2007] Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Marking The Calendar... Today Is The Day The U.S. "Africa Campaign" Begins... In Somalia... After All We Weren't Doing So Well In Iraq, A Country That DID Have A Government

Published January 9, 2007

Quote Of The Day (On The AC-130 (Spectre, Puff the Magic Dragon) gunship attacks in the Somali theater of operations):

"...and that's what's happened to Kismayo (Somalia), Which may or may not still be there, but you can bet that a significant portion of it's population got 'greased' in the operation."

In The News:

No kidding, we're looking for al-Qaeda!

Sitrep: Today is the day that the "African Campaign" begins in America's attempt at world domination; Somalia looks really, really tempting with it's nearly non-existent government that we just managed to re-install, and we're going for it... Details.

Harriet Myers is out as White House legal consul... Fred Fielding from the Nixon (Watergate) and Reagan (Iran-Contra) administration is in.

Those 100 hours are ticking off in the Legislature, and it's gonna be mayhem for the next few days. Details on who's doing what, with which, and to whom, follow.

Blown cover: US Nuclear submarine collides with Japanese Supertanker at the mouth of the Persian Gulf. Details sketchy to classified... Nice to know they're there.

Hugo Chavez swears in new cabinet, vows to nationalize telecom and the utilities in Venezuela

That NYC stink reported yesterday? Blame New Jersey.

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."
Travus T. Hipp - Cabale News Services

Source KPIG Radio Freedom California
Run time 11:16 Minutes


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Source: KPIG Radio Freedom California
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Source: KPIG Radio Freedom California